Grindosonic Mk7 Impulse excitation tester

Non-destructive measurements of sample resonant frequencies to allow for the determination of Youngs Modulus. Furnace allows testing at temperature up to 1500C.

Non-destructive measurements of elastic properties of materials, Extremely rapid and simple: just a light tap is needed and the result is displayed within a fraction of a second. Measurements of E- and G-modulus and Poisson’s ratio. An alternative to destructive testing as excellent correlations exist between breaking load and natural frequency. Options: Frequency analysis, FFT calculation for detections of multiple vibrations modes, Selection of zones of interest by waveband filtering, Oscilloscope function for time domain analysis, Graphic visualisation of frequency domain.


Analysis of:

  • Ceramics
  • Friction materials
  • Composite and plastics
  • Metals and alloys.

Furnace available for testing at temperatures up to 1400C

Technical specifications:

  • Grindosonic Mk7
  • Frequency range 20 Hz – 100 KHz
  • Reference accuracy better than 0.005%
  • Resolution up to 1/1.000.000
  • Vibration detector
  • Acoustic detector
  • Furnace maximum temperature 1400C
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