Dimension D3100 AFM

Imaging technique for very high-resolution three-dimensional image of sample surface

Atomic force microscopy generates a map of the sample surface via its interaction with a sharp probe. The probe is scanned across the region of interest to generate a map giving rise to the term scanning probe Microscopy (SPM). Either the tip’s deflection in contact mode or the dampening of the resonant vibration of the tip by the surface in non-contact mode is used by a feedback loop to maintain the height of the tip above the surface. This generates a height map, a three-dimensional representation of the scanned surface. Other signals are available to generate additional information from the sample. 


Surface mapping with high accuracy and resolution of features of small height.

Technical specifications:

  • 80μm x 80μm max X-Y scan size
  • 6μm Z range
  • Lateral accuracy typically within 1%, maximum 2%
  • Provides full 16-bit resolution on all axes for all scan sizes and offsets
  • Large sample stage permits scanning specimens up to 8 inches diameter and 4 inches thick
  • Tapping / contact modes available
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