Using the MRF

We would be happy to talk to you about the Materials Research Facility at Culham and whether it is suitable for your work. Academic staff should always contact us before submitting grant applications that seek funds for use of the MRF.

Using the equipment

Most scientific equipment can be operated remotely from the MRF control room by users after training. The training will allow the user to operate the equipment safely and focus on the science that needs to be done. A driving test to test if the user is allowed to use the instrument(s) independently will be part of the training. Support from an MRF user will be available.

To find out more see the Operations page.

Research partnerships

The Henry Royce Institute has funding to support programmes that involve Royce-funded equipment and training of younger researchers in its use. We can advise on whether this could be an option for your research.

UKAEA uses the MRF as part of its fusion research programme and may be interested in working with scientists doing related research.

Bespoke solutions

We can advise you on the transport and handling of radioactive material.

We don’t give indicative prices on this website, as they depend greatly on the work to be carried out. Factors include the type of material, its activity and associated costs (for example, for radioactive waste disposal), the amount of hot cell work involved, and which scientific instruments are used.

Making an enquiry

To enquire about using the MRF, please go to our Contact page, where you can also find our address and location.

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