On this page you will find publications, case studies, presentations and other information about UKAEA’s Materials Research Facility.

Publications and presentations

  • The response of silicon carbide composites to He ion implantation and ramifications for use as a fusion reactor structural material. Rigby-Bell, M. T. P., A. J. Leide, V. Kuksenko, C. J. Smith, G. Zilahi, L. Gale, T. Razzell, J. Wade-Zhu, and D. J. Bowden. Journal of the European Ceramic Society 43, no. 16 (2023): 7390-7402.

  • Impact of water ingress on deuterium release, oxidation, and dust generation in beryllium plasma-facing components; Y. Zayachuk, N. Catarino, C. Smith, I. Jepu, C. Ayres, A. Widdowson, E. Alves, M. Rubel, JET contributors Mater. Energy. 35 (2023)

  • APT and TEM study of behaviour of alloying elements in neutron-irradiated zirconium-based alloys; B.M. Jenkins, J. Haley, M.P. Moody, J.M. Hyde and C.R.M. Grovenor, CRM Scripta Materialia 208 (2022): 114323.

  • Characterisation of nano-scale precipitates in BOR60 irradiated T91 steel using atom probe tomography; G. Yeli, V. C. Strutt, M.A. Auger, P.A. Bagot & M.P. Moody, Nucl. Mater., 543, 152466. (2021)
  • Application of Modern Scanning/Transmission Electron Microscope with Pixelated STEM Detector for Radiation Damage Study, J. Lim, E. Prestat, A. Carlsson, G. Greaves, S. Donnelly, Q. Ramasse, & G.M. Burke, Microscopy and Microanalysis, 26(S2), 394-395. (2020)
  • Effects of neutron irradiation on the brittle to ductile transition in single crystal tungsten; R.G. Abernethy, J.S.K.-L. Gibson, A. Giannattasio, J.D. Murphy, O. Wouters, S. Bradnam, L.W. Packer, M.R. Gilbert, M. Klimenkov, M. Rieth, H.-C. Schneider, C.D. Hardie, S.G. Roberts, D.E.J. Armstrong. Nucl. Mater. 527 (2019) 151799
  • Nanoindentation hardness anisotropy of beryllium, V. Kuksenko, S. Roberts and E. Tarleton, J. Plasticity, 116 (2019), 62-80.
  • Using spherical indentation to measure the strength of copper-chromium-zirconium, A.J. Cackett, J.J.H. Lim, P. Klups, A.J. Bushby, C.D. Hardie; Nucl. Mater., (2018)
  • The effect of Beryllium Oxide on retention in JET ITER-like wall tiles; C. Makepeace, C. Pardanau, M. Kumar, C. Martin, Y. Ferro, E. Hodille, P. Roubin, I. Borodkina, T.Dittmar, C.Ayres, P.Coad, A.Baron-Wiechec, I. Jepu, K.Heinola, A.Widdowson, S.Lozano-Perez, and JET Contributors, Mater. Energy., 19 (2019), 346–351.

Factsheets on MRF equipment and techniques

You can find out about other MRF equipment and techniques from the Equipment page.

Case studies

  • The effects of radiation damage in beryllium

    RaDIATE collaboration

    Cross-section of the fractured beryllium window after proton irradiation. Fracture accrues predominantly at grain boundaries. A research project is currently be…

  • Predicting how size affects nuclear materials properties

    Alex Cackett - Queen Mary University of London

    Alex Cackett’s PhD project with Queen Mary University of London is based at UKAEA’s Materials Research Facility at Culham. Her PhD is part of Strength-ABLE (Str…

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