LaVision µDIC

Micro-scale measurement of 3D strain, displacement and shape

Stereo Microscope Digital Image Correlation System mounted to SSMT frame. Microscope mounted in vertical orientation to acquire images of the top face of horizontally oriented test specimens. LaVision DaVis software is used for data acquisition and processing to obtain full-field displacement and strain.


Digital Image Correlation on mechanical test specimens tested on the SSMT

Technical specifications:

  • 2x LaVision Imager M-Lite CMOS Cameras. (12-bit, Global Shutter, 4112×2176 pixel)
  • Zeiss SteREO Discovery.V12 Microscope (Motorised Zoom, working distance > 200 mm
  • 2x Blue LED Illumination spotlights
  • StrainMaster Controller with Separate PC. A/D electronics for triggering images and acquiring analogue signals (e.g. force measurement from load frame) during test
  • DaVis V10 software (2D Strain module, 3D Strain module)
  • Typically used with 0037 SSMT, but can be mounted on translation frame for use with standard tensile machines
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