Shimadzu AGS-X 10kN static load frame

Mechanical testing machine, suitable for tensile-, bending- and compression testing.

The Shimadzu AGS-X 10kN, is a 10kN capacity static machine which can be used for tensile-, bending-, compression testing. A furnace enables us to perform tests at higher temperatures.


The machine is suitable for tensile- bending- and compression testing on metals, ceramics, plastics.

Technical specifications:

  • Load frame capacity: 10kN
  • Loadcell: 10kN
  • Travel length: 425 mm
  • Speed range: 0.001 to 1000 mm/min
  • Strain measurement by DIC or extensometer
  • Temperature range furnace: room temperature till 1200˚C.
  • Environment: protected gas (coming 2023)
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