Sobriety Poteron Potential Drop system

Permanent non-destructive monitoring of material degradation

Low and high temperatures (up to 1200 °C) Long term measurement at 660°C. Useful for long term diagnostics (up to 30 years). Wide range of metallic, conductive and semi-conductive materials use. Wireless access and on-line diagnostics. Measuring during running conditions (heating, cooling, vibrating, deforming). Material degradation diagnostics by using of MDAPD Modified Direct and Alternating current Potential Drop technique (ACPD/DCPD/Corrected DCPD). Measurement applications (accuracy 1 ‰, resolution 0.01‰). Applicable to: Insulated pipes and constructions (no need to remove insulation before measuring operation), At locations without near or open service access (up to 15 m measurement unit location distance and following wireless data transfer), Underground and high level locations (integrated measurement unit, Dangerous locations with radiation and chemical environments, Explosive environments and areas with limited access.


Measuring and Monitoring of: Creep deformations – Permanent installation and diagnostics, Crack initiation (fatigue) and propagation – Permanent installation and diagnostics, Wall thickness reduction permanent installation and diagnostics, corrosion losses, material creep and deformation, Crack depth – Diagnostics by using of contact method, Crack on the opposite wall side – Permanent installation/contact method and diagnostics.

Technical specifications:

  • Four multiplexed channels, 18-bit data acquisition, ±5V, 0.2% accuracy
  • Measurement current 1A, Communication interface – USB, RS232, RS485, Bluetooth, GSM
  • 3.3” LCD display, Up to 1000Hz measurement frequency, stability better than 0.01%
  • Tuneable gain 1 – 128x in 8 steps, Tuneable offset ±1000mV in 12 steps, 12V, 1400mA power consumption
  • Applicable to radiation environments
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