Witec Alpha300 ARS

A confocal optical microscope with high resolution optical imaging capability, coupled with a Raman spectroscopy system. Surface topography can also be mapped via optical methods. Additionally the system has AFM and SNOM capabilities as well as an additional environmental stage

Raman spectroscopy uses a laser to probe a sample to investigate the roto-vibrational states with in it, these can inform on chemical properties, chemical identification, bonding states, stress, etc. The laser light is absorbed by the sample which is then re-emitted with a slightly different wavelength, this is know as the Raman shift. The confocal microscope system it is able to track the height of the sample and interpret it to measure surface topography. This then allows 3D images to be constructed. The system has additional capabilities in the form and an Atomic Force microscope, AFM, and a Scanning Near Field Optical Microscopy, SNOM, options as well as an environmental stage for controlled atmosphere or vacuum and temperatures up to 1500°C.


It can perform chemical analysis of unknown samples. Determination of stresses in solid materials. Suitable for ceramics, crystals. plastics,, graphite, corrosion products, organic materials, gases and liquids.

Technical specifications:

  • Confocal microscopy in in reflection mode, Fluorescent and Raman spectroscopy
  • Large area optical mapping: up to 25×25 mm
  • 3D layer mapping
  • Automated sample positioning: by X, Y and Z axes
  • Excitation laser wavelengths: 457nm, 532nm, 633nm
  • Spectral resolution: 0.72 cm-1
  • Detector: EMCCD camera
  • 600 or 1800l/mm gratings
  • Linkam TS1500 Environmental stage capable of in-situ controlled temperature studies up to 1500°C @200°C/min ramp rates. Choice of purge atmosphere or vacuum available
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