Zwick ZHU2.5

Universal testing machine for instrumented indentation tests

The ZHU/zwickiLine universal hardness testing machine is based around the zwickiLine materials testing machine. It can be used both for classical hardness testing methods (Rockwell, Vickers, Brinell, ball-indentation) and for the innovative instrumented indentation method for determining hardness plus other material parameters of metallic materials (Martens hardness, ISO 14577). In addition, cyclic indentation tests with increasing test load or indentation depth and partial unloading are implemented in the testXpert testing software.


Hardness tests employing indentation measurement, including:

  • Martens hardness HM
  • Instrumented indentation test
  • Rockwell hardness scales A to K, N, T, plus HMR5/250
  • Rockwell hardness scales R, L, M, E, K, a, ball indentation hardness (for plastics)
  • Vickers depth measurements HVT
  • Brinell depth measurement HBT

Technical specifications:

  • Test load (Fmax) 2.5kN
  • Test area height 57 to 570mm
  • Test area depth 100mm
  • Test area width >500mm
  • Crosshead speed vmin … vmax – 0.0005 to 50 mm/min
  • Accuracy of the set drive speed – 0.01 % of vN
  • Drive system’s travel resolution – 0.00625 μm
  • Positioning repetition accuracy at the crosshead (without direction reversal) <2 μm
  • Testing frequency, max. – 0.5 Hz
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